Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

Hi Dad,

Today is your birthday. Except that, you no longer celebrate with us in the mortal world. I hope you have a great birthday celebration in heaven, free from pain and worry.

If you are watching, the world has gotten crazier since you left us. The house that you built with sweat and tear with Mom got flooded for the first time in 40 years. Don’t worry though, we got it covered. All is well here.

Then of course, the most crazy things that is happening in the world today is the COVID-19 pandemic. It drives everything into haywires, with school being done remotely, working remotely, mall closing, and restaurant suffering.

But don’t worry, we got Mom covered. All is well.

Anyway, in case you met Grace’s Mom, please say hi from all of us, who miss her, and of course, missing you.

Stay well