Book Note: Living with a SEAL

Posted on 13 Jan 2016 in book-note

This is book about inviting a US Navy SEAL to train you 24x7. That means, he live with you, go where you go, and able to ask you to train anytime, anywhere, 24x7. Did I tell you that the SEAL come with 1 condition? There are nothing off limit.

I think there are no explanation necessary about US Navy SEAL, the elite forces of US Navy. And if you google David Goggins, that is the Navy SEAL that Jessie Itzler invited to his home. That is a man who can finish anything with extraordinary willpower. A man of character.

As I flipped through the book, I must say I’m hooked. It was written with comedy, a lot of comedy, of day-to-day account of Jessie’s training. If I haven’t heard about the book and Jessie from Rich Roll’s podcast, I would think the story in this book is too good to be true. But Jessie is another man of character, even before he met and train with SEAL.

Jessie has run several marathons and ultra before he met SEAL. He owned a private jet company, NBA basketball team, and all without having a Curriculum Vitae. All of it with 2 principle: Never stay in place, and another one that leave mark on me: Get in the door first, figure it out later.

Granted that at the end of 31 days, Jessie got more than what he expected. The training and become more fitter is only one part. The other part is some lesson about life, getting things done, and most importantly, to live. A good book to start the new year.